Easy Beginning

When I first discovered my love of painting with watercolor, of course I had to research and find out all I could about the ways of watercolor painting. One of my most visited places for lessons and tutorials was YouTube.

There are so many watercolorists out there with videos and channels on YouTube. It is completely possible to self teach yourself to paint with watercolors by utilizing YouTube. It’s a great way to see so many different painting styles in action, and to learn great tips and tricks as well as see visual tutorials to teach yourself.

But even with all of that, watercolor can still be overwhelming and hard to do. And if you’re unfamiliar with painting or with watercolor, well, you have even more of your work cut out for you. Which is how I was when I started.

Lucky for me, I quickly discovered this delightful older gentleman artist, Frank Clarke, who has some videos from his DVDs on YouTube. He made everything so easy to understand, and easy to copy, leaving one feeling like they actually accomplished something.

Frank Clarke’s Simply Painting Introduction to Watercolor video was a godsend to me. I followed him step by step, found it so easy to learn and imitate, and easily created my first landscape with this video: 

Yes, of course I had a very long way to go after creating this painting (and I still do). But Frank Clarke and his easy instructions in that intro to watercolor video left me feeling accomplished and like it was very possible for me to actually become good at watercolor painting.

If you’re new to watercolor and are looking for some easy to follow guides and tips, I would highly suggest checking out Frank Clarke on YouTube. You can find his Introduction to Watercolor video here.


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