Finding My Style

Being fairly new to watercolor, I am still trying to find just what exactly is my style. It is not an easy task, and there are no directions out there on the right way to do this.

I love looking at other watercolor artists, both those from history as well as modern-day artists. There is such a wide variety of watercolor styles that there is no way any of it could be put into a category. So how do I know what my style is?

I love the fluid watercolor paintings, the loose style. I love the flow of painting wet on wet, but really enjoy the hard edges of wet on dry. I love landscapes and seascapes, and really love the loose floral paintings. But when I try each of these painting styles that I see and love, I am disappointed because not one of them seems to come naturally from me. Not one of them seems to just hit that spot that I am looking for to tell me that this particular style is my style.

Perhaps this is because I’m not actually artistic by nature? I’m not a person born with the ability to paint fabulously, instead I am one who has fallen in love with watercolor and am having to learn the skills behind painting with watercolor. Is this what is stopping me from finding my style? Am I rushing it too soon? What is the right answer?

I’m curious to know how long it took any of you other watercolor artists to discover your own style. Was it there from the moment you started painting, or did you find it after you practiced and practiced and practiced?



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