Discovering Watercolor

I took the most absolute long way to discover watercolor!

As a stay at home mom of four young children, I was having a difficult time keeping track of things I needed to do, etc. So I discovered bullet journaling (which I still love, by the way, but unfortunately I haven’t been doing it much). While doing my bullet journaling, and looking on Pinterest to see how many amazingly decorated bullet journals there were out there, I decided I wanted to learn how to do some nice and fancy lettering.

So, I began researching lettering and trying my hand at it, reading lots of blogs and posts about it. One of the posts I read was about Tombow Watercolor Brush Pens, and how the author used them for lettering and calligraphy. So of course, I had to try it!

I ordered my watercolor dual brush pens and got right to it, practicing lettering, experimenting with some water with the pens. I had a bit of fun. And I ordered some watercolor pencils, thinking that I could also use those for my journal. (I used the pencils once, and not even in the journal!)

I was content, doing my own little thing with lettering and my Tombow Dual Brush Pens. Then one evening, my adult daughter came over with her new watercolor paints. I was a bit curious, so I had her show me how to use them, and then I gave it a try. And I was immediately hooked! Big time!

As soon as I could, I went to the closest open store and purchased my own cheap set of watercolor paints, a bunch of brushes, some watercolor paper, a small palette, and I was off and running.

I have never found anything that made me feel as good as painting with watercolor. I was definitely surprised, as I have never been an artistic person at all. I’ve never been able to really draw, I can’t imagine things in my mind and put them on paper. So I never once thought that I would strive to ever be a painter, but that is what I am doing now. And I love it!

With so many little ones in my home, it gets pretty stressful and very chaotic. I am constantly worrying or trying to remember something, or stressing, etc., all while I change dirty diapers and make bottles and give baths and feed kids. But once I set up my watercolor paper and get a brush in hand, all my worries just disappear for a while. Painting so easily de-stresses me and soothes not only my mind, but my soul, and I am so glad that I discovered watercolor.

It’s a bit ironic to me that all of this started because my brood of children require so much that I couldn’t keep track, so I decided to bullet journal which led me, in a long and roundabout way, to painting. I wanted to become more organized and keep better track of things, be more efficient. Ha! When I’m painting with watercolor, I don’t really get much of anything done! I am so much less efficient now than I was before I tried journaling to be more efficient. Ironic, huh?


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